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Opening a port in a firewall in a private network that allows the outside world to contact the inside user. For example opening ports for VoIP makes two-way communications easier no matter which side initiates the call.

If you are setting your PhonePower adapter up behind your router, or you have a modem/router combo device we recommend you forward the following ports for most phone adapters:

4200 TCP
5000 - 5080 UDP
10000 - 11000 UDP
12060 - 12080 UDP
16384 - 16472 UDP
16600 - 16700 UDP

Obihai Ports

These are ports that are listed in the Obihai website and needed for router configurations.

Allow Outgoing

TCP Ports:

6800, 5222, 5223

UDP Ports:

5060, 5061, 10000 to 11000, 16600 to 16998, 19305

Allow Incoming

UDP Port:


Yealink Ports

These are ports that are requested by Yealink for their IP phones.

Please set these RTP ports

RTP Ports:


Please note: adding more Yealink devices will need to add ports in increments of 20. Ex. 11820-11840 , 11860-11880 , etc.

If you need help configuring port forwarding for your specific device please check our Customer Provided Routers section. We have an ever growing list of devices that our technicians have personally configured and troubleshot to ensure proper configuration.

If you dont see your specific device listed dont worry one of our Technical Support Agents will be more then happy to assist you. Just give us a call toll free at (888)607-6937 option 3 for technical support.