Physical Setup Instructions for Innomedia ATA

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Detailed setup for the Innomedia ATA.

Before you begin, make sure that all of your hardware is powered off, including the router, PC’s, switches, and cable or DSL modem.

  • Connect your cable or DSL modem’s Ethernet cable into the Innomedia’s WAN port.

Innomedia ATA setup1.jpg

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable that came with your Inndomedia into the LAN port of the Innomedia.
  • Connect the other end of that cable into your computer or the Internet/WAN port of your router.

Innomedia ATA setup2.jpg

  • Connect the RJ-11 telephone cable connected to your telephone into Phone 1 port on the Innomedia.

Innomedia ATA setup3.jpg

  • Reconnect the plug into your cable or DSL modem and wait until the lights stabilize on that device.
  • Connect the included power adapter to the Innomedia power port and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet in the wall.

Innomedia ATA setup4.jpg

Wait between 10 and 15 minutes so the device can complete the initial booting and automatic provisioning process, and the WAN and LAN lights stabilize.

  • Pick up the handset attached to the Innomedia Phone 1 port and place a test call.
  • Turn on your computer or router.
  • Open your web browser and confirm you can browse the internet.

Note: If you are unsuccessful in placing a call please contact technical support at 888-60-power or [email protected] or via Live Chat from our website.