Initial Sync Obi202

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These steps are to be used to provision an Obi 202 to our service.

This will work for for the 100, 200, 202, 302 and the IP phones models 1022, 1032, 1062, 508

LOGO Only1.JPG After inserting the Obi202 into the network you will need to find the private IP Address that has been assigned to the device.

LOGO Only1.JPG Attach a analog phone to phone port 1 of the Obi 202

LOGO Only1.JPG Pick up the handset and dial ***

LOGO Only1.JPG Listen for the prompt and dial 4.

LOGO Only1.JPG Write down the reported IP Address.

LOGO Only1.JPG With that IP address you should be able to log into the Device from a computer system that is also on the same network.

LOGO Only1.JPG Input the IP address into a URL field in a browser session.

LOGO Only1.JPG Enter the login credentials for the Obi202 Admin/Admin

LOGO Only1.JPG Expand the System management field and click on Auto Provisioning

LOGO Only1.JPG Under ITSP Provisioning in the ConfigURL copy and paste this line.$MAC

LOGO Only1.JPG Scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit

LOGO Only1.JPG Reboot the Obi202.

If you are unable to place a call after 15 minutes, please contact our support department for additional assistance.