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Thank you for joining our Incoming Call Manager Beta Test. What follows are articles on various features of the call manager.

Introduction to Incoming call Manager and Install Instructions

Incoming Call Manager is a feature that changes the Call Forwarding feature on your account.
There are many more features that ICM(Incoming Call Manager) can handle besides the basic call functions that is on the Call Forwarding tab.

To install the feature, you will need to log into your account and go to Call Forwarding.
Then, you will need to go to the top and check the link that describes what the ICM feature is.
Once you click on this link, you will need to enable ICM by clicking on the Enable link.

The video below describes these steps.

Using ICM

This section describes the current tabs featured on ICM.

Summary Tab

Upon clicking the call forwarding page you'll note that Incoming Call Manager, or ICM, replaces the default Call Forwarding page.

The currently active setting will have a yellow arrow next to it.

ICMv2 indicator.JPG

  • NOTE: Whenever making changes be sure to click the Save button on that page, or you changes will not be saved!

Ring My Phone

ICM startup Ring.JPG
Normal ring behavior. Can send to voicemail or forward to another number if the call goes to busy or isn't answered within 24 seconds (approximately 6 rings).

Forward Number

ICM startup forward.JPG
Forwards directly to the number entered. Will not ring the device.

Send to Voicemail

ICM startup voicemail.JPG
Sends all calls to voicemail. Will not ring the device.

Use Rules

ICM startup use a set of rules.JPG
Follows a set of rules defined in the rules tab. These rules also follow any Special Days and Schedules that are set.

Rules Tab

The Rules tab is where you can set Rule Sets and Rules for those sets.
Rule Sets are groups of commands that the ICM will follow for the Use Rules section in the Summary Tab.

You only need 1 Ruleset for most of the Rules. Another Ruleset will need to be added if you will be using Schedules or Special Days.

Icm rules01.PNG

Rule Sets

Icm rules02.png
Rule Sets can be named anything you want regarding your Set of Rules. The Normal one that is there by default will never change. By clicking on Normal, you can see that there is a rule (on the right) named Default: ring my phone using the Standard Ringtone. You can delete, rename, and also clear out all rulesets in this box.


Icm rules03.png
Rules follow the Rule Sets. They can range in what they can do and they follow what command you wish to have.

Icm rules04.png
In order to add a rule, click Add Rule and this window should pop up.
In this box, you will have several different options that will relate to your rule.
This can be directed at a Contact or Group, a Number, anyone on your contact list, or an anonymous number. This is the basis of the rule.
Contact or Group is found in your Contacts list.
A Number is any number you chose. (Please note: You can use wildcards such as * or ? at the end for all calls such as toll free numbers. IE. 800* or 800???????)
Anyone on your contact list is everyone.
Anonymous number is a number that has no Caller ID.

Icm rules05.png
Once you select Forward or Finish, this popup will show up.
The settings are as follows:
Ring my phone using : This is to change the ringtone of an incoming call.
Forward to : This is to forward the original entry on the previous screen to whichever number you put in this field.
Send to Voicemail : will send to voicemail.
Reject the call : will reject the call and send them a busy signal.
Ring more than one phone : will let you ring more numbers from a list on the next step after pressing Forward.
Ask the caller to say their name before I accept the call : This will field all calls before you receive them.
Ask the caller to say their name before ringing more than one phone at the same time or in sequence : This is the same as above but will let you ring to multiple phones on the next screen after pressing Forward.

Icm rules06.png
For the rules Ring more than one phone and Ask the caller to say their name before ringing more than one phone at the same time or in sequence please follow the instructions below.
The box on the top is a list for all the numbers that you will add.
PhoneNumber: is the number you need to add. (Please note: You will need to add your Phone Power number first unless you don't want that number to be called.)
Start and End is the beginning and end of the ring duration. A ring is generally 5-6 seconds long and the first number will always start at 0.
After that, you can click Add to add the number. If you wish to remove, click the number and click Remove.
If unavailable forward to : Voicemail will go to voicemail. The 2nd box is for a number you wish to choose.

Rules: Wildcards

Icm wild01.PNGIcm wild02.PNG
Please note : For phone numbers, you can add wildcards or place holders instead of adding in the whole number to be used for that region.
(IE. if you want to block calls from all 800 numbers, it would be 800*. If you wanted to use a rule for a certain section of numbers, you can use 81860769??

Schedules Tab

You can set Schedules that will follow days and times.
Please note: On the Summary Tab under Use Rules, you will need to have a Ruleset that will follow the Schedule's times. This will be shown once you have the Schedules set up.
ICM startup use a set of rules.JPG

To add a schedule, Click Add Schedule.
The name in this box should match a new Ruleset to follow it. In this example, it is set to Night Hours.
Schedules 1.jpg

Now you will define the hours in which you want the schedule to be active.
Click on the corresponding day and time in which you want the schedule to apply.
Click and Drag across multiple boxes to add more quickly.
Evening hours will appear on the bottom of the calendar, scroll down to reveal them.
When you’re done click on the Save button to save the changes.
Schedules 2.jpg

The last thing that will have to be done is to enable the schedule.
Go to the Summary tab and click on the Use Rules side tab. You will now see the Night Hours schedule on the right hand side.
On the drop down next to the schedule name, select the Rule Set that you wish the schedule to follow. In this instance you will select Night Hours.
Click on Save when you’re done.
Schedules 6.jpg

You can have up to 3 different schedules, each with it’s own Rule Set. Please note that schedules cannot overlap.
Schedules 7.jpg

Special Days Tab

The Special Days Tab will allow you to set rules for specific days.
This is useful for vacations and holidays when you want the phone to act differently from all other days.
Click on the days you would like to set as and click Save.
Then go to the Summary Tab and adjust the Rules for your Special Days.
Icm special.PNG

Call Notifications Tab

The Call Notifications Tab is for any voicemails that you would like to be notified to email.
If you select Send Notifications on all calls, This will send you email notifications for every call to your Phone Power number.
Icm callnotify.PNG