How to receive the current WAN IP Address on a Grandstream

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When configuring the Grandstream to function when connected to any router, you will need to know the IP address the router is assigning the Grandstream. This is for setting up a DMZ or Port Forwarding in the router so that the traffic is directed to the Grandstream properly. For information on setting up the DMZ or Port Forwarding in your router, please refer to the article that is associated with your router.

To receive the IP address of the Grandstream by phone:

  • Pick up the handset to the Phone Power phone.
  • Dial ***
  • Listen for the prompt and dial 02.
  • Listen for the IP address and write it down.

  * Note: If you need to repeat the IP address, just dial # and then 02 again.

If you have difficulty obtaining the IP Address in this manner:

  • Connect a computer directly to the LAN port on the Grandstream.
  • Open a browser window on that computer and Navigate to
  • Log in with the default password 123.
  • The WAN IP Address will be displayed on the Status screen.


  • If the Grandstream returns an IP of, please check to make sure your connections are correct.
  • The Ethernet Cable should be connected to a numbered port on the router at one end, and the other end of the cable should be connected to the WAN port of the Grandstream.
  • Once you have checked the cable connections, power cycle the Grandstream. Once the Grandstream is back on, check for the IP address again.

To Power cycle:

  • Turn off the Grandstream by pulling the power out the back of the device. Wait about 20 seconds, then plug it back in.