How to enable SIP Credentials

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  • Network: Aquarius - If you are not sure which network you are using, please check the MyAccount account home page. SIP Credentials can only be activated if the VOIP adapter that was signed up is provisioned and registered.

Customers on our Aquarius network will be able to retrieve their SIP Credentials from their MyAccount portal. To retrieve your SIP Credentials:

• Log in to the Phone Power MyAccount.

• Next locate and click on Modify Services on the left panel.

Myaccount main page w red.jpg

• Now you will be on the Modify Services page. Locate and click on the SIP Credential button.

Modify services w red.jpg

• This will bring you to the SIP Credentials. Locate and click on the Enable SIP Credentials.

SIP creds activation w red.jpg

• Now you will see the SIP Credential information for you to setup your adapter.

• All devices or software needs to be rebooted to update to the new SIP Credentials information. Reboot the Phone Power provisioned Grandstream or BYOD.

• Close and restart any Softphone.

SIP Creds on w red.jpg

  • Note: When you choose to use SIP Credentials: You are an advanced user and know how to access and configure your SIP device or Software. Phone Power cannot assist you in configuring any device that has SIP Credentials on it.

What does this mean?

• This means that customers will be able to hand configure ANY SIP device or software to work with our network. This includes iphone and android applications (such as Acrobits or SIPDroid), PC softphones (such as Bria, and Xlite), presently unsupported BYOD devices (Aastra phones etc), and Asterisk servers.

What support can Phone Power offer?

• We will continue to offer support for any devices the customer provisions with us normally, as well as for features and call routing issues, however we cannot support customer configured devices using SIP Credentials.

Are there limitations?

• Customers are allowed 4 concurrent registrations and 2 concurrent calls. If the customer has a cloned line, this will use up 2 of the available registrations, leaving 1 for their hand configured device.

How can I tell how many registrations I am using?

• You can review the current registered user agents you have in use at any time by going to the SIP Credentials page as shown in the image below.


What happens if I try to configure a 5th device?

• That device will not be allowed to register, and will not work until one of the existing ones is removed.

What happens if I try to place 3 concurrent calls?

• The 3rd call will be sent to voicemail if inbound, or will be rejected outright if outbound.

Does anything else change?

• At the point the customer enables the use of SIP Credentials their SIP password is reset. This means any assigned hardware will need to be restarted.