How to Restore the Grandstream HT-286 to Factory Defaults

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First, find the MAC Address of the device. It is a 12 digit HEX number located on the bottom of the unit.

Next you will need to encode the MAC address into something you can dial, as you can not enter letters with the phone.To encode the MAC address, please use the following mapping:

  • 0-9: 0-9
  • A: 22
  • B: 222
  • C: 2222
  • D: 33
  • E: 333
  • F: 3333

For example, if the MAC address is 00:0B:82:00:E3:95, after using the table above to encode it, the encoded MAC address should read 0002228200333395.

Once you have encoded the MAC address you will begin the factory reset. To perform a factory reset:

  • Pick up the headset and dial *** or press the LED button for voice prompt.
  • Enter 99 and get the voice prompt Reset.
  • Enter the encoded MAC address.
  • Wait for 15 seconds. The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory default setting.

Note: Factory Reset will be disabled if the Lock keypad update is set to Yes.