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Can I check the current Network Status

Yes! To check the current network status, please go to the Network Status page.

This page will also display any Network Maintenance that will be coming up and the Annual Network Availability for the current and previous year.

Can I use my internal telephone wiring with the Phone Power Service?

The use of house wiring is not supported. Using internal house wiring can damage your phone adapter over time. Using house wiring will also void the warranty on your free leased adapter.

Use of internal telephone wires with the Phone Power service is not recommended or supported. Using internal telephone wiring may void your warranty. Phone Power will only support a single, standard touch tone telephone connected directly to the Phone Power phone adapter .

Important Note: Improper use of internal wiring will result in the failure of the phone adapter and possibly any device connected to the internal telephone wiring.

Please contact the local telephone company and have a telephone technician disconnect the telephone company's wires from your location.

The telephone company sends electricity over their phone lines, if the telephone company still has a connection at your location, then the extra electricity that the phone adapter will push over the lines will cause the failure of any device that is connected to the internal telephone wires.

Can I have a toll free number with my residential service?

Yes, you can add a Toll Free number to any Phone Power plan. You can choose a new Toll Free number through your MyAccount page. If you are looking to transfer your existing Toll Free number, please send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your most recent Toll Free bill.

Please refer to How to Add a Toll Free Number to your account for more information.

Can I only talk to other Phone Power customers using this product?

No, you can call anyone who has a telephone.

Can I pick any area code number as I wish?

Yes! As long as the area code is available within our system, you can select your area code.

Can I Try the Service Without Committing?

Yes, we do offer monthly plans with no contract and no cancellation fee!

If you do not wish to transfer your current telephone number to Phone Power to try out the service, we can also provide you with a new local telephone number.

• Note: If you select a New telephone number and then later wish to transfer your current telephone number to Phone Power, there is a $15 number change fee that is applied when the phone number is changed.

Can I use a Wireless only internet connection to use your service?

A stable broadband Internet connection is required for this service. This can include Cable, DSL, Fiber Optic, or T1.

Unfortunately, satellite internet or fixed wireless connections are NOT supported.

Do I have service with Phone Power before the transfer completion date?

Yes, as long as you have properly installed the hardware.

For example if today is January 01 and you have just received your device and your port date is not until January 10 this is how your calls will route:

• Inbound call from a Phone Power line → Rings your Phone Power device.

• Inbound call from anywhere else → Rings your old provider.

• Outbound calls → Rings dialed destination

Do you have international calling available?

Yes! Phone Power does offer international calling. Please refer to the current International Calling Rates page for more details.

Do you offer service to customers outside of the Continental USA?

At this time we do not offer service outside of the continental USA. So you will need a USA service address in order to use our service.

Does Phone Power Offer Ring Back Tones or Distinctive Ring Tones

No, Phone Power does not currently offer the ability to set up a Ring Back tone or a Distinctive Ring tone for a phone.

How do you know if a phone number or area code is available or not? Where does it indicate it?

You can check the availability of a phone number or area code with the sign up process. Here's how:

• Start a new order and go to I'd like to obtain a New Phone Number.

• Then select Let Me Choose a Phone Number based on State, Area Code and City options.

• Once there, select the State, Area Code and Service Center (city) for the new numbers to appear on the screen.

• Once they appear, select the phone number you would like to have and proceed to the next step.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 888 60-POWER.

How long has Phone Power been in business?

Phone Power has been in business since 2005. In the last 8 years we have done nothing but grow. We've not only grown with our customers, but also with our staff to meet their needs.

How many customers does Phone Power have?

We do not release that information to the public. We can, however, assure you that we are a successful company. If you would like to look at our company in more depth, I would recommend visiting the following independent review sites:

How will the sound quality compare to a traditional phone line?

Because signals are transmitted and received digitally through the Internet, the quality of the service should be the same or better than what you're currently getting from a traditional phone company.

• Please be aware that sound quality is dependent entirely upon the quality of your high speed internet service.

I need both internet and phone, does Phone Power provide both services?

Phone Power only provides Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone service. Internet service would have to be obtained from an Internet Service Provider like a DSL or Cable company.

Is there a minimum internet speed requirement?

The minimum internet speed requirement is 128 kbps upload and 768 kbps download. You may test your internet connection with our online speed test found HERE. This is a helpful tool to see if your internet connection will support our service.

What does VoIP mean

This is technology for taking analog audio, such as a person speaking into a phone, and turning it into digital information that can be transmitted over the internet. The two most common implementations of VoIP are using either an Analog Telephone Adapter or a software application (iPhone app). Both of these allow the internet connection to be shared between both computers and telephones. Due to the quality of bandwidth required, VoIP only works with Broadband Internet, not dial up, satellite, or wireless. This means Cable, DSL, Fiber Optic, or T1 is acceptable.

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail allows callers to leave you a message if you have missed or screened their call.

To access the Voicemail system:

• Just dial *21 from your Phone Power phone OR log into your MyAcccount and click on Voicemail.

If you wish to have notifications of new Voicemail sent to your email account, please refer to How to Enable the Fax and VoiceMail Notifications to Email for more information.

What type of Internet service works with VoIP?

We are ONLY compatible with broadband internet connections. This would include: cable, DSL, fiber optic, or T1. We are not compatible with satellite or dial up Internet connections.

Who is the CEO of Phone Power?

Since we are a corporation there is no CEO. We do have a General Manager who is present everyday. If you wish to contact him, you can send him an email to the following address: [email protected]. He responds to every email within 24-48 business hours.

Can I have a chat transcript emailed to me?

Once you have ended your chat session you will have the option to have the transcript e-mail to you.

First click the button labeled "end" to close the chat session.

Wiki chat - 1.JPG

You'll then be asked if you're sure you want to end the session. Click OK if you're sure.

Wiki chat - 2.JPG

A small window will pop up, make sure the e-mail address you would like the chat transcript sent to is entered then click the "send" button.

Wiki chat - 3.JPG