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3CX SIP Trunk Configuration

3CX is a product that provides IP PBX functionality. Here at PhonePower we have tested and confirmed functionality with our service. I will guide you step by step on configuring the 3CX product with our service. This article assumes that you have gone through the initial installation, which includes creating an extension.

1. Open up your 3CX application -- Server Manager.

2. Use your login credentials to access the settings.

3. Once your are logged in, click on "Add VoIP provider".

1 - Add Provider.png
4. Add the Provider name (Broadvoice). Country is "Generic". Provider is "Generic SIP Trunk". Click next.

2 - Add Provider Details.png
5. The next page is the provider details. SIP Server is "". SIP Server port is "5060". Click next.

3 - Add Provider Details 2.png
6. This page is where your main Trunk ID goes. Add the external number (Trunk ID). The Maximum simultaneous calls depends on the plan you get. In this case we have the SMB SIP Trunk plan so the concurrent call limit is 5. Click Next.

7. Edit the VoIP Provider details by clicking on "VoIP Providers" then "Broadvoice".

6 - Edit Source ID.png
8. Click on the section of "Source ID". To the bottom make sure you checkmark the "Source identification by DID". Then, Start adding your DIDs to the bottom list.

Configuring Inbound Routes

4 - Inbound Rule.png
The Inbound Rules page is where we configure the Inbound route. If you want all your calls to go to the one extension you created, you add that here. In this case we are sending all of our calls to extension 8001.

Configuring Outbound Routes

5 - Outbound Rule.png
In the Outbound Rule section We add the name of the rule, which can be anything, and the Digit Maps. If you look at the picture to the left, you can see how it must be configured.