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Alert.png The information on this page is ONLY for customers who have an Obihai Lite/Unlimited Plan.
If you have any other plan with PhonePower this information will not work for you.

Obihai Initial Sync

Now that you have your new Obihai phone adapter you can sign up for our service in just a few simple steps.

The first thing you will need to do is register your Obihai with Obihai's ObiTalk. Once you have done that you will be asked to select an approved provider. PhonePower is one of them!

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• Click the PhonePower option

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• Select your Obihai device from the Device drop down menu.

• Your Obihai may have more then one Service Provider slots.

• In the drop down menu for Service Provider Slot select "Use SP1"

• Selecting SP1 will assign services to the Phone 1 port of your Obihai.

• Selecting SP2 will assign services to the Phone 2 port of your Obihai.

  • (It is highly recommended that you only select SP1 or SP2)

• This will determine which port you need to plug your phone into.

• Once you have done this just click the Sign-Up at button.

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• You will now be directed to

• Here you will select which plan you want to sign up for.

• Select your plan.

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• Enter your address

• Choose a new phone number, or bring your current number with you.

Alert.png If you wish to bring your Google voice phone number with you, you will need to unlock the number. For more information on how to unlock your Google Voice number.

Visit to view Googles How-To

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• If you are coming over from Google Voice you can set up your account to display that number while waiting on the porting process to complete.

• Ensure your Emergency 911 Options are correct.

• Click Next >>

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• Enter your billing information.

• Once you finish the order promise you're almost done.

• After the order process you will be sent to a page with a button that will configure your Obihai Device for use with your new service.

• If you picked a new phone number with us your service should be ready to go after your Obihai device reboots.

• If you are porting a number over to us it may take up to 7 days for the number to transfer.

ReSetting your Obihai

Alert.png Never press the reset button located on your Obihai phone adapter unless specifically told to do so by a Technical Support Representative
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• You will need to log into your Obitalk

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• Under My OBi Devices Click the gear to the right of your Obihai device

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• On the Device Configuration screen you will need to click the Delete Device button

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• After the device has been deleted click the Add Device from the menu on the left.

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• Ensure that your Obihai device is connected properly.
• Also, make sure that you have unchecked the box to configure the device for Google Voice.

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• ObiTalk will ask you to dial a code into the phone connected to your Obihai.
• Once you have dialed the code into your Obihai it should now re-register with ObiTalk.

Please follow the steps in the next section to ReSync your Obihai with your PhonePower service.

ReSyncing your Obihai

If you encounter any issue with your Obihai phone adapter's service you can resync the Obihai device with your PhonePower account from your ObiTalk portal.

To resync your Obihai device with your PhonePower account first log into your ObiTalk portal and then:

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• Click on Approved Service Providers.
• Select Phone Power.

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• Select the phone port (SP1 or SP2) you want to use.
• If the device is already synced, PhonePower will be greyed out. In which case click the To restore an existing account click here button.

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• This will connect you to your MyAccount portal where there will be a Resync My Device button.
• Click the Resync My Device button and your Obihai should resync without needing to reboot.


After you have pressed the “Resync My Device” button, the Obihai adapter has to go through a specific light sequence. The power light will go out and come back on and then the phone 1 and phone 2 lights will blink. Once they are done blinking and are steady the sync sequence will be complete.

If you're deleting a SP service, the phone 1 and phone 2 lights will be blink, but will be off once it's done deleting. Only the Power and WAN light will be on.

Please note that if you're syncing or deleting different SP Services you must wait until the light sequence is complete otherwise you can risk abnormal behavior or no registration.

Note: If you are still experiencing service issues with your Obihai after 15 minutes, or any other irregularities appear, please contact our support department at 1-888-607-6937 option 3 for additional assistance.

Disable Direct IP Dialing

Alert.png If you follow the approved service provider config method you will not need to worry about this. It will be done when you first set up your device.

Disabling Direct IP Dialing is highly recommended. Direct IP Dialing can allow anyone on the internet to make your phone ring, without placing an actual call.

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• You will need to log into your Obitalk

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• Now that you have logged in you will be on the Obitalk Dashboard.

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• Click on the device configured for use with your PhonePower service.

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• On the Device Configuration page, scroll down and click on OBi Expert Configuration

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• A pop up box asks you "Are you sure you want to enter OBi Expert Configuration?"
• Click OK

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• Click the Enter OBi Expert button.

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• On the left hand side of the new page, expand the menu for Service Providers by clicking on it.

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• Click on ITSP Profile A SIP.

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• Scroll down until you see the section for X_AccessList.

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• Click the box on the checked box on the far right to uncheck the box.
• In the text entry box to the right of "X_AccessList" please enter,,

• It should now look like the screen shot on the left.

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• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

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• A pop-up box will ask Are you sure you want to submit changes?.
• Click OK.

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• The page will refresh and at the top you should see a notification stating
Successfully save OBi Expert config to OBiTALK.

Google Voice Port Over

Alert.png Porting your Google Voice phone number to us is not required, it is completely optional.

When signing up for service, you have the option to spoof display number to be your Google Voice number.

In turn, you will need to set your Google Voice call forwarding settings to forward all Calls to the Service number on the account with PhonePower. (If you are experiencing issues with the calls being forwarded from Google Voice to PhonePower, please contact Google Voice.

Instructions to forward your Google Voice Number -

  • Note: A good way to test if it is an issue with PP or GV, call the service number (PhonePower Number) and see if the calls complete normally)
  • Note: If you get a Canadian Number with PhonePower, your google voice will not be able to forward to it due to the limitations of Google Voice.

If you wish to consolidate your call forwarding services to one provider, you can port your number from Google Voice to PhonePower. In order to process this you must follow the steps below:

• Unlock number with google voice.

• Once unlocked Email [email protected] with the number you wish to port and any type of access/authentication code (Pin Code).

  • Calling into Billing will not expedite the process, they will still require an email sent in with the request

Obihai SIP Port Change

  • We recently came across an issue where we noticed that the “UserAgentPort” value was set to 5060, this is causing possible registration issues. We are actively working to correct this issue with our sync script. Until such time there is a work around.

• This issue generally exist when the Obihai Adapter is behind a router. The routers SIP ALG (Application-level gateway) is what is causing the problem. Changing the port to 12060 gets around that ALG and allows the device to gain and maintain registration.

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1) Log into the obihai Configuration page

2) Expand Voice Services on the left side

3) Click on the SP Service you need to modify. (Eg: SP1)

4) Locate the field called "X_UserAgentPort"

5) Click the check box to the right to remove default.

6) Change this value from 5060 to 12060.

7) Click on Submit.

  • This should resolve the registration issue. If the issue does not correct itself please contact technical support. Syncing the device may revert this change.

Upgrading Firmware on your Obihai

You will need to log into your Obitalk account

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• Next to your Obihai device configuration icon you will see a hazard sign that indicates your firmware should be updated

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• Clicking the icon will prompt you to automatically upgrade the device. If you select Ok the upgrade will commence if you hit cancel you will be redirected to a forum post that provides instructions on how to upgrade the device.

Accessing the admin side of the Obihai Device


To access the Obihai phone adapter, you will need the private ip of your phone adapter.
You can do this by pressing ***1 from the handset and the system will repeat the ip address.

Then, go to the computer that is connected to the same network as your device.

You will need to go to your internet browser and type in the ip address followed by /user (ex.

Once you have done this, you will get a popup requesting a log in. The default username and password is user and user.

You will be able to access the adapter and adjust the settings.