Your Google service is about to expire.
Don't worry. We are here to help!
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We Have Your Solution!

If you are a Google Voice user with an Obihai device, your free home phone service will end on May 15th, due to Google dropping support for the XMPP protocol. But don't worry, we here at PhonePower are offering exclusive calling plans only available to you:

Log-in into your portal to view and purchase the PhonePower plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I keep my Google Voice service, and my Google Voice phone number?

Yes. We will assign your device with a new local number. But similar to what you currently have today, we will spoof your Google Voice telephone number. So outbound calls will appear to come from your Google Voice number. Just have Google Voice forward your inbound calls to your new PhonePower number, and you’ll have seamless inbound and outbound calling.

Q: Do I need a separate E911 provider? Does PhonePower include E911?

E911 is automatically included in the service you get from PhonePower at no additional charge.

Q: Can I simply port my Google Voice phone number to PhonePower?

Yes, however you must initialize the service with a new number. We can switch your number after activation.

Q: Which features come with the service?

Click Here to see the features list. *Does not include Free Second Line.

Q: What is the Renewal rate following prepaid term?

The annual rate for your service will remain the same.

Q: Can I use any device on this plan?

OBihai plans are only eligible with Obihai devices.

Q: Can I make international calls?

International rates are the same as Click Here to View Rates.