How to Configure a Motorola SBG900 Wireless Cable Modem to function with the Grandstream

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To configure your SBG900 to function with the Grandstream connected to it, please follow these instructions.

For the first step in this process, we will need to find out the current IP address being assigned to your Grandstream by your router. Please refer to How to receive the current WAN IP Address on a Grandstream for more information.

WARNING: Do not attempt to configure the SBG900 over a wireless connection.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg connect your computer directly to your SBG900, open up a web browser and navigate to and log into the router.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg The default username is admin.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg The default password is motorola.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Click Log In

Click to enlarge

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Click on Gateway.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Click on LAN.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Click on DHCP Leases.

On this page, find the MAC address and IP address of the Grandsteam under current DHCP leases. This is the IP address you received from the Grandstream in the first step.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Copy the MAC address and IP address of the Grandstream and paste them into Reserve New IP Address.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Click the check mark under Bypass Firewall.

CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg For Host Name type PhonePower.
CustomerProvidedRoutersIcon.jpg Apply the settings.

Note: You will need to reboot the Grandstream device for this to take effect. Simply remove the power cord from the back of the Grandstream, wait 20 seconds, and put it back in. After 3-5 minutes the Grandstream should be registered and able to make and receive calls.

If you are unable to place a call after 15 minutes, please contact our support department for additional assistance.

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