Why you have to prepay for services and not month to month @5.99 plan

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    The new customer promotion shown as $5.99 monthly average is a prepaid plan. If you prepay for 1 year of service at $143.76 excluding taxes and fees, you get the second year free. The second year of service is free, however, the taxes and fees will be applicable at the beginning of the second year. The standard monthly rate is $19.95. The prepaid option is the most popular option as it is the most cost efficient.


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    143.76 divided by 12 it not 5.99 plan plus second year there is charge of fees and that is not free use. It is misrepresentatn. Facts are collected from customers reviews.


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    I understand your confusion, please allow me to explain. If you divide $143.79 by 24 months it is $5.99. $5.99 is a monthly average for 2 years of excellent phone service. It is not intended to mislead customers, but promote an exceptional rate of less than $10 for unlimited* phone service. In addition, the second year of service is fee, however, the Federally Mandated taxes and fees are still applicable. For further explanation please contact a sales representative and we will be happy to assist you.


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    Well, I am an ex-phonepower user. One of the reason that I pulled my two lines out of phonepower was because of unjustified, unexplained service fee they charge each year. I live in California and their so called federal, state and “service fee” comes to almost $60 a year, typically $5.00 per month in addition to the “advertised” $5.99 a month. It does not matter which state you live, Phonepower charges you taxes according to the state of CA.

    As of today I have two voip services for home. From vonage and another one from voipo.

    Vonage monthly charge is $9.99 plus $1.71 (total $11.70)
    Voipo 2 year prepaid is $149.00 plus $36.00 (total $185.00, comes up to $7.70/month)

    Technically other companies are charging less than $2 a month for state, federal and e911 fee where phonepower charges you around $5.00.

    Any one can understand that phonepower misrepresents their advertised prices and force you to pay additional hidden charges every month thereafter. POOR!


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    143.79 for the plan
    14.95 to ship the hardware if needed
    196.13 total first year cost
    52.37 for taxes on second year
    263.45 is estimated average grand total
    10.97 which is the monthly cost w\everything included

    So you only save 63 and some change which is what I
    spend to fill up my truck. Not a deal breaker considering
    you can’t put a value on support which is what Voipo does
    not give you on the same level. Voipo is may be great for some
    people but the lack of support it offers for people like me is
    a deal breaker.


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    Before I had Phonepower, I had my phone service through Charter. I was paying more than double in taxes and fees monthly than what I do no now with Phonepower. So, it’s all relative.

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