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    Are you still working on ICM. I still miss the call forwarding option(*72/*73). I recently tried to add some callers to my spam list, but the system will not add them. Please let me know if ICM improvements are not going to happen, and I will try to look for a provider who allows similar blocking, which the standard Phonepower system doesn’t.


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    I have now added a second spam list and can now add new numbers. However, my initial comments re future updates still apply.


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    Hello drofli –

    Here is some information you may find useful for Incoming Call Manager (ICM). The following limits apply to ICM:

    Maximum contacts = 1000
    Maximum groups = 10
    Maximum contacts per group = 65
    Maximum entries in a rule = 100
    Maximum rulesets = 20

    So, if you are using ICM exclusively to block callers and nothing else, you can block 650 numbers from your contact list using 10 rules (1 for each list) plus about 90 more in your individual rules (not from the contact list) for a total of 740 numbers. If you use wildcard * to block groups of numbers you can increase this number dramatically, but you may have to add rules for numbers that match your wildcard criteria that you want to receive calls from (i.e. you use 800* to block calls from numbers starting with 800 but you want calls from your bank which is 800-234-5678 so you add the rule “For number 800-234-5678 ring my phone” above the rule “For numbers 800* reject the call”) ICM processes your rules from top to bottom so exceptions need to be added above your list to reject.

    Another option is to consider using a free third-party call blocking service Nomorobo. Information on using this can be found on our wiki at:



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    Thanks for that info. I am still wondering if ICM development is still ongoing. In particular if the * codes will ever work. The only way I can forward now is to disconnect my OBI from the internet and allow the calls to go to my emergency number (cell phone in my case).
    I have looked in to Nomorobo but I sometimes get calls from the UK which at times lack the caller ID info.
    It seems that now the spam callers spoof real numbers and caller ID so that they are almost impossible to stop. In addition several legimate callers come through as ‘800 Service’, although at times they are also spam callers who I guess they spoof it.

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