Caller ID Date & Time wrong since time change

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    Hello, ever since Daylight Saving Time started the date and time has been wrong on our phones. I can manually set the date and time but as soon I get a call the phone uses caller ID information to set its date and time.

    If I look at the call logs in my account the date and times are correct, it’s just that the wrong information is being sent in the caller ID information.

    I seem to remember this happening last time change as well.

    What can you guys do to fix this?




    I am having the same issue my date reverts to Jan 1 and the time is off by several hours.



    Here is the response I received from Tech Support Chat:

    I can only tell you I have checked , our server is set sending the correct time zone on your account , your account settings are correct for central time , the grandstream adapter is set to central time zone , there are no changes that we can make as all setting are currently correct



    Thanks, it’s nice to know it is not just me. Obviously something is not right even if PP says all the settings are correct. My date says Jan 3rd right now and the time is off by several hours as well.

    Obviously there is wrong information getting to our phones for whatever reason.


    Zulu Tech
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    I wanted to take this time to describe what elements manipulate caller ID date and time to help better understand why it may be malfunctioning. There are three key elements that get involved when it comes to the phone displaying a time stamp:



    -Phone(Phone that is connected to the device)

    When calls come in to your phone first our network timestamps the call as it leaves for our records(this mostly pertains to timestamps for call logs) then the call reaches the device. Now the device can actually manipulate the time based based on what we have set for your service. Lastly the date and time can be manipulated by the phone itself.

    For these cases a support technician can assist you by inspecting our network elements, gaining access to the device and making sure the time manipulation is set correctly to what you have specified for your service, and lastly by checking a few settings on the phone itself. However the last element in the loop is the phone and if the phone is manipulating the time the best test to check for this is by trying a different phone.


    I see that a technician has worked with you and followed proper protocols for checking our network elements and the device and everythign is set correctly to display the correct time on your phone. However, I am not seeing that a different phone was tried. Connecting a different phone system to the device would be the next step in resolve this issue


    I am not seeing that we have an open ticket for this issue that you are experiencing. I have created a support ticket for you so that we can have a technician investigate the several elements that manipulate caller ID date and time to make sure they are functioning properly. However we will need to work with you directly to reach a resolution.



    Zulu Tech,

    I did not contact tech support directly on this issue so that is why there was no ticket.

    I do not have another phone to try that displays caller ID unfortunately.

    The date and time were working fine on my phone before the time change and I seem to remember this happening at the last time change.

    Thank you



    I am having the same problem. My date is correct, but the time is off by one hour. I have reset the time on the phone, but the server ALWAYS over-rides the time settings. I checked my account settings and it indicates the correct time zone.

    I agree with B-Man in that there is obviously wrong information getting to our phones for whatever reason.



    Quick follow up – I disconnected the power from the Grandstream (Grandstream, router, modem, all network equipment is on a UPS so they are not affected by power glitches) and from the base unit of my phone as well as took the batteries out of my phone handsets. Let everything sit with no power for 1/2 hour. Powered everything back up then called my house from my cell phone.

    Caller ID set the date on my phone to Dec. 31 and my time is now about 2 hours fast (phone says 9:45pm and it is really 7:37pm at my house).

    Wish we could get to the bottom of what is causing the issue. Hate to keep repeating it but the date and time were fine on my phone before the daylight saving time time change…



    Well I just connected a totally different phone to my Grandstream and guess what it gave me the incorrect time and date. The same incorrect time and date as on my original phone so I guess it is a Phonepower problem after all. Date was 1/02 and the time was 3:47 PM.

    Let’s get this problem fixed Phonepower!!!!!


    Charlie Tech
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    It appears we are experiencing an issue with some regions that do not follow normal convention for Daylight Saving Time. A current fix for this is to go to your MyAccount page and change your timezone that aligns with your current time. We are aware of the issue and are trying to get this fixed before the next DST (Daylight Saving Time) change over.



    I posted before that I was having this problem (and that it started after Daylight Savings), but, yesterday, I was somehow able to get it resolved.

    I tried a number of different things (including re-entering the time settings on the Basic Settings panel), but I think the two things that most contributed to the fix were:

    1) A full factory reset: depress the reset button on the Grandstream for a full thirty seconds.

    2) At some point a few minutes later, I rebooted it via the phone interface: pick up the phone, dial ***, dial 99, dial 9.

    Right after the reboot, my phone came up with the correct time.

    I have no idea if this might fix the problem for other folks.



    Charlie Tech – I tried the fix you suggested (changing the time zone under my account) and that did not resolve the issue.


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    Charlie Tech said: We are aware of the issue and are trying to get this fixed before the next DST (Daylight Saving Time) change over.

    Hey B-Man, did you read that?

    B-Man said:

    Charlie Tech – I tried the fix you suggested (changing the time zone under my account) and that did not resolve the issue.

    Hey Charlie is there any ETA for the fix such as November 3rd 2013? or this would also fallen to the “no ETA” category? :P



    Brightlined2 – As a last resort I did a factory reset on the Grandstream and that seemed to fix the problem for now. Thank you.

    I would suggest others with the same issue try a reset as well.


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    From personal experience after reporting numerous VALID issues to PP, I can answer the ETA question for everyone. There is never an ETA. Just expect the following response as copied and pasted below:

    “We are sorry that the resolution to your issue has not come quicker. We are trying to resolve it as quickly as possible. Than you in advance for your patience.”

    On top of the other dozen problems I have reported, now when I make outgoing calls my name displays as “POWER, PHONE”. Phone Power while rebuilding my account to fix one problem created another.

    Don’t worry, when we change the clocks again next fall, all will be fixed again. There’s your ETA.

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