PhonePower culture: Our weekend at Lemons or how we learned to stop worrying and love 20 degree weather

So it started off as a wonderful weekend. We arrived at 5am and unloaded into our blessedly sheltered garage spot with a lovely view of turn 11 at the world (in)famous Sonoma Raceway in mid December. What this ACTUALLY meant is we woke up at our hotels and scraped ice off our cars in 15 degree weather and questioned our collective sanity. Continue reading

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PhonePower culture: Making racecars out of lemons….or vice-versa?

Greetings all! So while we here at PhonePower spend most of our time delivering world-class phone service its not all we do, sometimes we need to play too, so to give you some insight into the goings on behind the scenes in Phone Power culture I would like to introduce you to a project headed up by several people here at Phone Power, our 24 hours of lemons racecar:

Continue reading

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VoIP Saves Money and Improves Efficiency

We were asked by BusinessNewsDaily to give a guest post on the advantages of VoIP.  Here’s the article:

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Phone Power Android app is now LIVE!

Greetings all you android users,

I know its been a log time in coming and we have had literally tons of beta volunteers, and we genuinely appreciate all of their hard work using the test version of the app and providing feedback, but now all that work has paid off and our android app is now available for everyone to download.

You can find it on Google Play here

Please download it and use to your hearts content, and we really do appreciate giving it a review as well.

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International Virtual Numbers now available

We’re now offering international virtual numbers to all customers.   An international virtual number allows you to have a local number in over 50 countries.  People in that country can call a local number and it rings your regular PhonePower number.

Example #1:  Customer lives in Dallas, but has family in Argentina.  Instead of always calling his family on his PhonePower line, he can get a local Argentina number.  This allows his family to call him without making an international call.

Example #2:  Customer runs her business in Boston, but has customers in both Singapore and Spain.  She can get an international number in Singapore and another one in Spain.  This gives her business an instant worldwide presence.

This feature has been highly requested recently so we are rushing this out a little early.  We’re still labeling it a “beta” program since we haven’t yet added in the ability to manage these numbers in the customer portal.  So for right now if you are interested in adding an international virtual number, please email [email protected] Below is a list of countries that we are providing local numbers in today.  Pricing ranges from $7-$17 per month depending on the country.  There are no additional per minute charges. All numbers have a one-time $10 activation fee: Continue reading

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Hamburger Heaven

As a thank you to all the Phone Power staff, from shipping, engineering, developers, sales, billing and call center, for all the recent hard work with the Broadvoice integration, management brought in a lunch truck from The Habit, a local hamburger chain in California.  It was a nice “balmy” 97 degrees.  Enough to melt you to the sidewalk.

Danny from Shipping won the Heartburn award for his “5×5 Burger”.

Support Manager Chris held onto his title of “The Annihilator” for putting away the most food by himself: one Tri-tip sandwich with fries, one double Charburger with fries, and two single charburgers, both with fries.

Final tally for the day:
40 Charburger with cheese
25 Double Charburger with cheese
30 BBQ Chicken sandwiches
12 Tri-tip sandwiches
3 Veggie Burgers
60 orders of French Fries
50 orders of Onion Rings
60 Medium drinks

Thanks again to The Habit for coming out.

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…Stop….Beta time!

OK guys, we have finally reached a stage where each and every one of you that has opted into our beta list should be getting an email with a download link to our android application. That means while not yet polished and ready for mass consumption, we are ready to get actual users in the big scary world involved and see how bad you can break it.

As you all begin tinkering, please understand that this application is still very much in testing, so expect some bugs and defects, and if they come up, or if you see behavior that seems unusual, please email support and let them know about it so we can improve the product and your experience.

Thanks in advance to all who are participating in this for helping to make this project more successful and helping to improve the experience for all Phone Power customers.

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Android Update – Now in Alpha testing

OK this is just going to be a quick one to update you all on the state of our android app. We are now in alpha testing company-wide. Yep you heard that right, we are using it internally and getting ready to distribute to our first beta group.

This means if you are on our beta list you will be getting contact in the next few weeks. We presently have about 6 critical bugs to close out before we can start passing it out for beta testing.

Thanks for bearing with us on this, as it has been a very trying project so far, and stick around for more good news to come.

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We now offer service in Canada!

Hello all you out there in internet-land,

I know its been a while since I posted anything, but don’t fear, I have not forgotten you (OK well I might have for a little bit but I got your text messages and were BFF’s again), so the latest big thing at Phone Power is….Canada. Ok I know its not new, politically, or geologically speaking but its shiny and new to us, and now you can order service in Canada, so you can join the happy masses already drinking the Phone Power kool-aid, or if you are already a customer and have friends and relatives in Canada, we can also do virtual numbers so you become a local call to them, or if you always wanted to move to Canada, but couldn’t bear to leave your Phone Power service behind, well we thought of you too. Get moving, we’ve got you covered.

See you next time


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Phone Power softphone update is now in open beta!!!

Its finally here, and we hope we have scratched all the itches you have told us about: Continue reading

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